We maintain an international research network, regularly collaborating with other investigators of bipolar disorder.

Ana Andreazza

In collaboration Dr. Andreazza, we are investigating the effect of Bezafibrate, an adjunctive pan-PPAR agonist, on systemic redox modulations and mitochondrial function. This study may have a profound impact on the development of a novel treatment consistent with the mitochondrial dysregulation hypothesis of bipolar disorder, since PPARs are key transcriptional factors in regulating mitochondrial oxidative metabolism.

The Bipolar Trials Network

The Bipolar Trials Network is a group of investigators that collaborates to conduct nationwide, large-scale trials, aiming to better inform treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder. Most recently, this group collaborated on a pragmatic research study comparing how two of the gold-standard medications for bipolar disorder—lithium and quetiapine—affect people in real-real-world settings. Findings form this study are currently being analyzed and published.