Patient and Family Education Day. September, 2019

  In collaboration with the Psychiatry academy and Development Office, the Dauten Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation held their annual Patient and Family Education Day on September 28th, 2019. The Patient and Family Education Day is a free educational program offered exclusively for patients, families, and friends to learn more about bipolar treatment and innovation. This event offered important clinical expertise from academic clinicians and shared a patient-centered vision of bipolar treatment.

  The presenters, Dr. Janet Wozniak, Dr. Andrew Nierenberg, Dr. Masoud Kamali, and Dr. Douglas Katz, presented their expertise on the course of illness for bipolar disorder as well as challenges and promises for the future. Additionally, the event held a panel of six patients who shared their own experiences with bipolar disorder. The audience was actively involved in the event, too, as they were given the opportunity to ask the clinicians and patient panelists questions after each session.

  Overall, the 2019 Patient and Family Education day was a collaborative effort that resulted in an avenue for clinicians, patients, and the community to come together. The Dauten Center looks forward to continuing this event in years to come.