Patient and Family Education Day, 2020

  The Dauten Center for Bipolar Innovation (DCBI) joined forces with the MGH Psychiatry Academy to put together a free, virtual, educational program exclusively for patients, and family, who have or are interested in learning more about bipolar disorder.

What To Expect

  Patient and Family Education Day will occur on September 21st, 2020. There will be four presentations given by experts in the field of bipolar disorder: Dr. Janet Wozniak, M.D. (Topic: Challenges and Updates for Pediatric Bipolar Disorder), Dr. Douglas Katz, Ph.D. (Topic: Psychosocial Interventions for Bipolar Disorder), Dr. Masoud Kamali, M.D. (Topic: Treatment of Mania and Psychosis), and Dr. Andrew Nierenberg, M.D. (Treatment of Bipolar Disorder). The audience will have an opportunity to interact with the speakers during Q&A sessions in the weeks following the event.

How To Register

  If interested, please pre-register for the event through or call 866-644-7792.

This program is sponsored by the Dauten Center.