News & Events

Statement on Racism

  The tragedy of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police is another reminder of the racism, police brutality, discrimination, and injustice that the black community faces in America. We recognize that another pandemic, coronavirus, has also affected the black community at a disproportionately higher rate.

World Bipolar Day 2020

  March 30 is World Bipolar Day! This initiative seeks to eliminate social stigma and increase worldwide awareness of bipolar disorders. Although we are unable to celebrate in person with our patients and colleagues due to COVID-19, we encourage you to watch the videos below, in which two of our patients speak eloquently about removing stigma, surviving and thriving with bipolar disorder.

Patient and Family Education Day. September, 2019

  In collaboration with the Psychiatry academy and Development Office, the Dauten Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation held their annual Patient and Family Education Day on September 28th, 2019. The Patient and Family Education Day is a free educational program offered exclusively for patients, families, and friends to learn more about bipolar treatment and innovation. This event offered important clinical expertise from academic clinicians and shared a patient-centered vision of bipolar treatment.

2018 in Review

  In 2018, The Dauten Center for Bipolar Innovation (DCBI) continued to pursue its mission of improving the lives of people with bipolar disorder. We are excited to share updates about our scientific collaborations, our research projects, our team, and media appearances.

Opening of the Dauten Family Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation

  On October 16, 2017, Massachusetts General Hospital celebrated the opening of The Dauten Family Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation. A formal program, held in the Hospital’s historic Ether Dome, was attended by the Center’s faculty and staff, hospital leadership, and several leading researchers of bipolar disorder. Liz and Kent Dauten, philanthropists whose vision led to the creation of The Dauten Family Center, as well as other donors, friends and family members were honored guests.